Acervo – Permanent Collection

Este é o acervo atual da Rádio Enter the Shadows com mais de 3000 músicas, e mensalmente dezenas mais são adicionadas. Divirtam-se!

This is our permanent collection with more than 3000 songs. Stay tuned for monthly updates of classic tracks, new releases and our audience requests.  Enjoy!

24 hours radio * darkwave * goth * ethereal * dreampop * synth * minimal * cold * EBM * perky * shoegaze  *  triphop  * electro * plus daily special shows!

[aftersun] – Don’t Touch
1000 Ohm – A.G.N.E.S.
20SIX Hundred – She Was The Night
A Blaze Colour – Dark Trees Beyond
A Copy for Collapse – White Rainbow
A Industrya feat. Lenes Costa (Nebbia) – Dreaming of You
A Industrya feat. The Chanceller – Faceless
A Space Love Adventure – Discoman
A Space Love Adventure – Innsmouth
A Space Love Adventure – Nightcall (Kavinsky cover)
A Space Love Adventure – The Cult
AbdeCaf and Soft Lighting – Never Know
Abelard – Teenage Movie Ending Credits
Acos Coolkas – Free Flight
Adan & Ilse – Swallow (The Horrorist mix)
Adan & Ilse – United Sexy (Coldgeist remix)
Adori Office – Effing Love
ADULT. – Tonight, We Fall
ADULT. – We Will Rest
Aeon Sable – Tenfifteen (Radio Edit)
Aga Wilk – Brand New Electric
Aga wilk – Cold Disko
Aga Wilk – Dance (Sex Love Power)
Aga Wilk – Wunderbar (Christiane F. cover)
Agent Side Grinder – Life In Advance (Jacques C Remix)
Agent Side Grinder – Look Within
Agent Side Grinder – Mag 7
Agent Side Grinder – Rip Me
Agent Side Grinder – Sleeping Fury
Alden Tyrell – What Your Eyes Can Do
Alessandro Parisi feat. Andrea – Gabriel’s Horn
Alien Sex Fiend – I Walk the Line
Alien Sex Fiend – I’m Doing Time in a Maximum Security
Alien Sex Fiend – The Impossible Mission
Alien Sex Fiend – Trip To The Moon
All India Radio – Asphyxciate (Cocteau Mix)
All India Radio – Bollywood Nights (Remix)
All India Radio – Endless Night
All India Radio – Far Away (Remix)
All India Radio – Fire Dance
All India Radio – Ghost Song (Long Version)
All India Radio – Let Me Remain
All India Radio – The Slow Light
Alles – Cokolwiek
Alles – Nie Spie
Alles – Post
AloneWolf – MOzart On LSD, In A Church, With Vampires…
Alter Der Ruine – Leviathan
Alter Der Ruine – Lights
Alter Der Ruine – Tiny Wars & Quiet Storms
Altered States – Low Life
Altersun – Astromaker
AlterSun – Dirty Tape
Amanyth – A Special Thing
Amanyth feat. Kristin Hersh – What I Hear
Amber States – Saratoga
Ambrose – Citadel Passage
Ambrose – Hourglass Sands
Ambrose – Winters
Amethystium – Calantha
Ami Marie – Spiel Mit Mir
Ami Marie – Zartbitter…
Amplitude Problem – A Deal Soon Regretted
And One – Enjoy The Unknown
And One – Unter meiner Uniform
Andy Fox feat. Laura – Fly Away
Andy Fox feat. Ramona – Show Me How
Angelic Circus – It’s Over
Angina Pectoris – The Agony After
Animic – Blue Eyed Tree
Animic – Horse’s Mane
Anne Clark – Now (Implant Remx)
Anne Clark – Our Darkness (Sci-Fi Moritz Dark Twist RMX)
Anne Clark – Self Destruct
Annie – Anthonio
Annie Barker – Amphetamine Dream
Annie Lennox – No More I Love You’s
Another Green World – In Dreams
Another Green World – The Sea
Anton de Neige – #1
Antoni Maiovvi – Clocks
Apolline D’Ash – La Chevelure de Bérénice
Arc Neon – Strength For A Cosmic Balance
Arcade Metropolis – Kill the Night
Archive – Cloud in the Sky
Area – Anyway
Area – With Louise
Aria – Bring down the light
Arts And Decay – Mescal
Ash Code – Dry your eyes
Ash Code – Nite Rite
Ash Code – Unnecessary songs
Astari Nite – Astrid
Astari Nite – Beautiful Vacancy
Astari Nite – Considered The Thought
Astari Nite – Contentment
Astari Nite – Coven
Astari Nite – Epilogue
Astari Nite – Gestures of Submission
Astari Nite – I.O. 1987
Astari Nite – Prayer for Lovers
Astari Nite – Pyramids
Astari Nite – Red Letter Day
Astari Nite – Saddest Satellite
Astari Nite – The Boy Who Tried
Astari Nite – Violently We Try
Astari Nite – Waves
Astari Nite – Wendy Darling
Astrid Quay – The Caterpillar (The Cure cover)
Aswefall – Game We Play
At Sea Compilations – WinterGlas: Weak
atOlla – Arctic Gazing
atOlla – Ophelia
atOlla – The Cave
Atomised – Bite The Apple Flesh
Atomised – Gloomy Days
Attrition – Dante’s Kitchen (Shok Remix)
Au Revoir Borealis – The Winter Room
Aureah – Golden Mother
Aureah – Medinah
Aureah – Medinah
Austra – American Science (Duran Duran cover)
Austra – American Science (Duran Duran cover)
Austra – Beat and the Pulse (Kool Thing Remix)
Austra – Forgive Me (Marco D. Edit)
Austra – Spellwork
Automelodi – Aléas, Dernières Chances
Automelodi – Limite Malade
Automelodi – Métropole Sous La Pluie
Automelodi – Schéma Corporel
Autumn’s Grey Solace – Immortal Muse
Autumn’s Grey Solace – Lost
Autumn’s Grey Solace – Mystify
Autumn’s Grey Solace – Over The Ocean
Autumn’s Grey Solace – Sáwol
Autumn’s Grey Solace – Waning Faithful
Autumus feat. Xiu – Your Blue Eyes
Awful Noise Corporation – Being Boiled (The Human League cover)
Azure Crime – Particles
B Complex – Emancipation
Baby Formula – Hawaii
Baby Fox – Dum dum baby
Bachelor – London (Tonight the Lights Went Out)
Bachelor – Say Say
Bachelor – Wie Ich Wie Wir
Back Long Arch – Ashed
Bal Pare – Palais D’Amour
Baladeur – As Casas Viraram Lojas
Baladeur – La Dictature de L’heureusité
Baladeur – Ready For The End
Balladur – Time is a Killing Machine
Balún – Muchas Muchas Veces
Bare Island – Almost Gone
Bare Island – Crocodile
Bare Island – Night Songs
Bat For Lashes – A Forest (The Cure cover)
Bat For Lashes – What’s A Girl To Do (Plaid Remix)
Batch Sound – Train Me
Battant – Radio Rod
Bauhaus – All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead
Bauhaus – Burning from the Inside
Bauhaus – Dancing
Bauhaus – Double Dare
Bauhaus – Exquisite Corpse
Bauhaus – Hollow Hills
Bauhaus – In Fear Of Fear
Bauhaus – Kick In The Eye
Bauhaus – King Volcano
Bauhaus – Mask
Bauhaus – Rosegarden Funeral of Sores
Bauhaus – She’s In Parties Extended
Bauhaus – Silent Hedges
Bauhaus – Slice of Life
Bauhaus – Spy in the Cab
Bauhaus – Stigmata Martyr
Bauhaus – The Passion of Lovers
Beach House – Lazuli
Beach House – The Hours
Beach House – Wishes
Beata Beatrix – Senti
Beautiful Pea Green Boat – When Dreams Moved In
Behind The Scenes – Fate
Bel Canto – A Shoulder To The Wheel
Bel Canto – Birds Of Passage
Bel Canto – Oyster
Bel Canto – Time Without End
Bella Lune – A Mission
Bella Lune – Hollow Hearts
Bella Lune – Underwater
Beta Evers – Don`t Be Afraid
Beta Evers – Dry Tears
Beta Evers – Foreign Control
Beta Evers – Prisoner of Mind
Beta Evers – Schizophrenia
Beyond Obsession – Black White Hearts (Album Version)
Big Audio Dynamite – Bottom line
Bill and Murray – Rabbit Hole (Album)
Bisclaveret – Insane in God (Endraum vision)
Bispatial – Lonely As A Rose
Blablarism – Saccades
Black City Lights – Cruel Intentions
Black City Lights – Give It Up
Black City Lights – Not Enough (For Us)
Black City Lights – Offering
Black City Lights – Rivers
Black City Lights – Take Me Home
Black Egg – Jesus In Furs (In Death It Ends Remix)
Black Egg – Meaningless (V Club Mix By In Aeternam Vale)
Black Nail Cabaret – Jolly Queen
Black Pond – I Will Touch You
Black Spider Clan – Broken Mirror
Black Spider Clan – Deadline At Dawn
Black Spider Clan – Die Nacht Bricht Herein
Black Spider Clan – Far Behind
Black Spider Clan – Keiner Kommt Hier Lebend Raus (Da Qui Non Esci Vivo Mix)
Black Spider Clan – Living In A Twilight
Black Spider Clan – Whirling Around
Black Tape For a Blue Girl – Marmalade Cat
Black Tape For A Blue Girl – The Sawdust Scatter
Blackstone Rangers – Frozen Echo
Bleeding Nature – Care Not A Straw
Bleeding Nature – Leaves On Water
Bleeding Nature – My Winter
Blinky Blinky Computerband – Collide (Presto)
Blinky Blinky Computerband – Stille (Siren By Veela vocal edit)
Blondie – Heart Of Glass (Oliver & Thee Mike B Remix)
Blondish – Voyeur
Blouse – Into Black
BLSHS – Blushes
BLSHS – Chased By Memories
Blue Hawaii – Lilac
Blvck Ceiling – Hurt
BMX – Chemotron Worldwide
Bonjour Tristesse – I Know That I’m Guilty
Boogie Vertigo – Luxury Photos
Bordeaux – All Our Love
Bored Nothing – Shit For Brains
Borghesia – Dreamless
Borghesia – Ljubav Je Hladnija Od Smrti I
Born Feline – Windkissed
Box And The Twins – Big Nothing
Box And The Twins – Perfume Well
Box And The Twins – Rooms Made Of Dust (D’Evoé Remix)
Box And The Twins – Sometimes The Waves (Evil Vine Remix)
Box And The Twins – Western Horizon
BPStudio – Sunset on Miami Beach
Brendan Perry – The Bogus Man
Brendan Perry – The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
Broaddaylight – Interlude
Broaddaylight – Oceans
Broaddaylight – Reunions
Broaddaylight – The Bell Jar
Broaddaylight – Warmth
Broken English Club – Channel
Brown Bread & Von Holt – Black Ice
Brown Bread & Von Holt – Night Light
Brown Bread & Von Holt – Train Rider
Brusque Twins – Game Of Desire
Brusque Twins – Speaking (In Colour)
Brusque Twins – Speaking (In Colour)
Brusque Twins – Stone Communication
Brusque Twins – What Else Is There To Say
Bytie19 – 21-47
Bytie19 – Apres Minuit
Bytie19 – Le Temps
Camille Paulette-Odell – Everyday Alone
Camouflage – Love is a Shield
Camouflage – Me And You
Camouflage – The Great Commandment Extended
Cassady – Frantic
Cassandra Complex – One Millionth Happy Customer
Cassandra Complex – Penny Century
Cataldo – Do It All Night
Cat’s Eyes – Face In The Crowd
Cavale – Cavalerie
Cavale – Onze
Cavale – Shirt
Cavale – When Are You Going
Cellule 34 – Born Again
Ceramic Hello – The Diesquad
C’est La Mort – Closing Credits
Ch+ch+lc+tlalli – Convolution Mind (Beach reprise)
Ch+ch+lc+tlalli – Healthy
Chad Valley feat. Twin Shadow – I Owe You This (Tomas Barfod Remix)
Chandeen – Air (Acoustic version)
Chandeen – Invaded by Love
Chandeen – Lumis
Chandeen – The Wild Unknown
Chandeen – What Lies Beneath the Sky
Chandra – Kate
Chris & Cosey – Exotika
Chris And Cosey – October Love Song (Remix)
Christian Death – Face
Christian Death – Romeo’s Distress
Christian Death – Tales Of Innocence
Christian Death – The Drowning
Christian Death – The Luxury Of Tears
Christian Zander – Nachts auf Intensivstation
Christopher Alvarado – I Can’t Take Time (Stirring In the Forever Mix by Silentport)
Chrom – Losing Myself
Chromatics – Ceremony
Chromatics – Cherry
Chromatics – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (DJ Tonyy Extended Remix)
Chromatics – Hands in the Dark
Chromatics – I Can Never Be Myself When You’re Around
Chromatics – In Films
Chromatics – In The City
Chromatics – Into To The Black
Chromatics – Just Like You
Chromatics – Lady
Chromatics – Running Up That Hill
Chromatics – These Streets Will Never Look The Same
Chromatics – These Streets Will Never Look The Same (Ruth Radelet Version)
Chromatics – Yes (Love Theme From Lost River)
Chromatics- Tick of the clock ( Drew Id Remix)
Cinephile – Into Nothing
Cinnamon Chasers – Wishing For The Fire
Circa Tapes – Disco Kerosene
Circa Tapes – Kinetic Attract
Circa Tapes – Simple And White
Circuit 7 – Video Boys
Cirqles – Breathe
Cirqles – Clouds
Cirqles – Places
City Society – Bermuda
Claire – Clarian and Guy Gerbe
Clams Casino – I’m God
Clan Of Xymox – A Day
Clan Of Xymox – Evelyn
Clan Of Xymox – Imagination
Clan Of Xymox – Louise
Clan Of Xymox – Michelle
Clan Of Xymox – Muscoviet Musquito
Clan Of Xymox – No Words
Clan Of Xymox – Red Light
Clan Of Xymox – Stranger
Clan Of Xymox – Stumble And Fall
Classix Nouveaux – Guilty (Long Version)
Click Click – Burn
Client – Client
Clock DVA – Fractalize
Clock DVA – The Reign
Clock DVA – The Unseen
Club 8 – Jealousy Remains
Club 8 – Kinky love
Club 8 – Movement
Club 8 – Skin
Coctail Twins – Pastel Days
Coctail Twins – Rooms Made Of Dust
Coctail Twins – Sometimes The Waves
Cocteau Twins – Alice
Cocteau Twins – Blind Dumb Deaf
Cocteau Twins – Blue Bell Know Remix
Cocteau Twins – Carolyn’s Fingers
Cocteau Twins – Cherry Coloured Funk
Cocteau Twins – Cherry-Coloured Funk
Cocteau Twins – Circling Girl
Cocteau Twins – Donimo
Cocteau Twins – Five Ten Fiftyfold
Cocteau Twins – Heaven or Las Vegas
Cocteau Twins – Heaven Or Las Vegas (Alphaconspiracy Mix)
Cocteau Twins – Lorelei
Cocteau Twins – Love’s Easy Tears
Cocteau Twins – Mizake The Mizan
Cocteau Twins – Pandora
Cocteau Twins – Pearly-Dewdrop’s Drops
Cocteau Twins – Pink Orange Red
Cocteau Twins – Seekers Who Are Lovers
Cocteau Twins – Sugar Hiccup
Cocteau Twins – Sugar Hiccups
Cocteau Twins – The Thinner The Air (Massive Attack Mix)
Cocteau Twins – Tishbite
Cold Cave – Black Boots
Cold Cave – Black Boots
Cold Colors – After Dark
Cold Colors – L’amour Sans Toi
Cold Colors – Tout Oublier
Cold Colors – Voyageur Immobile
Cold Colors – When The Summer Ends
Cold Colors & Xiu – Ne Zovi Menya
Cold Colors & Xiu – In Your Dream
Cold Colors & Xiu – Love Fades Away
Coldsunraincold – Walking by on the Guiltiness
Collection d’Arnell-Andrea – A l’Aurore Assassine
Collection d’Arnell-Andrea – L’Aulne Et La Mort
CONCLΔAVE – Ocean Star
Contre Jour – A Step Forward
Contre Jour – Diseased
Contre Jour – Enfance
Contre Jour – Vision D’Avenir
Corde Obliqu – Averno
Cosmetics – Black Candy
Cosmetics – Black Candy
Cosmetics – Black Leather Gloves
Cosmetics – Breathless
Cosmetics – Honey Honey (12″ Edit)
Cosmetics – Sleepwalking
Cosmetics – Soft Skin
Cosmetics – The Cries
Cranes – Adrift
Cranes – Inescapable
Crash Course In Science – Cardboard Lamb
Crushes – I Miss You
Crushes – Love Is Lost
Crushes – New Galaxy
Crustation – Close My Eyes
Cruxshadows – Infinite Tear
Cry – An Evocation
Cry – Silent Song
Cryogenica – Ruby Red Sky
Crystal Castles – Plague
Crystal Castles – Vanished
Crystal Castles vs The Little Ones – Lovers Who Uncover
Cult Club – All The People
Cult Club – Never Enough
Current – Break The Black Ice
Cute Heels – Calibre
Cute Heels – Spiritual
Cute Heels – Watch The Neon
Danas Vision – MechaTech Cyber Robots
Dandi Dracula – Absence (Master Tape)
Dandi Dracula – Siamese Twins
Danger – 22h39 (Spitzer Remix)
Dangerous Days – Deafhland (In a Kingdom by the Sea)
Daniel Land – Love Lies Bleeding
Daniel Land – Off Your Face Again
Danse Macabre – She Believes
Dark Colour – Be Your Man
Dark Door – Pensa
Dark Orange – Butterflies (Interpretation by Robin Guthrie)
Dark Orange – Dreamygreen
Dark Orange – Earthbound
Dark Orange – Irgendwo im Nirgendwo
Dark Orange – Paperships Sail
Dark Orange – The Sea Is My Soul
Dark Orange – Traumwandler
Dark Phenomenon – Act Of Cruelty (Farvater Eleven Remix)
Darkness Falls – Hey! (Kasper Bjoerke Reanimation)
Darkness Falls – Meter Mind Dash
Das Kabinette – The Cabinet
Das Projekt – Morbid Love
Das Zeichen – Bah Bouh Re
Das Zeichen – In The Garden (Eden Mix)
Da-Sein – Niebo
Da-Sein – Tonite
Daughter – Love (Synkro Edit)
David Bowie – Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
David Bowie – Modern Love
David Bowie – This Is Not America (DreamTime Mix)
David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust
David Simnel and the Pimpernels – Are You Still Afraid Of The Dark
David Simnel and the Pimpernels – Darkness My Old Friend
Davos – I Start Mourning
Daybed – Changing Tides
DE/VISION – Plastic Heart (Vasyl Tkach Remix)
DE/VISION – Time To Be Alive – Pulse Remix Rev
DE/VISION – Until the end of time – Subculturemix
Dead Can Dance – Amnesia
Dead Can Dance – Amnesia
Dead Can Dance – Black Sun
Dead Can Dance – Black Sun
Dead Can Dance – In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated
Dead Can Dance – The Carnival Is Over
Dead Can Dance – The Song Of Sophia (DJ Tonyy Desert Wind Mix)
Dead Can Dance – The Song Of Sophia (DJ Tonyy Mantra Mix)
Dead Can Dance (Live) – Babylon
Dead Can Dance (Live) – Black Sun
Dead Can Dance (Live) – Crescent
Dead Can Dance (Live) – Dreams Made Flesh
Dead Can Dance (Live) – How Fortunate The Man With None
Dead Can Dance (Live) – Isabella
Dead Can Dance (Live) – Minus Sanctus
Dead Can Dance (Live) – Nierika
Dead Can Dance (Live) – Rakim
Dead Can Dance (Live) – Sanvean
Dead Can Dance (Live) – Severance
Dead Can Dance (Live) – The Lotus Eaters
Dead Can Dance (Live) – The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove
Dead Can Dance (Live) – The Wind That Shakes The Barley
Dead Can Dance (Live) – Yulunga
Dead Man Recovering – Dignity (Extended Version)
Dean Ray – In La La
Death And Vanilla – California Owls
Death In June – Come Before Christ and Murder Love
Death In June – The Calling (Mk II)
Death in the Afternoon – John Who
Death in the Afternoon – Oh Youth!
Decada – Black Sheer Pleasures
Decades – In Sequins
Deine Lakaien – Spanish Caravan (DJ Tonyy edit)
Delerium – Flowers Become Screens
Delerium – Innocente
Delerium – Mecca
Delerium – Metamorphosis
Delusion feat. Monna – Fight For Love
Dempsey – Late Night
Demure For Sure – Hollywood
Demure For Sure – My Mixed-Up Girl
Demure For Sure – You’re Scared
Depeche Mode – Dreaming of me
Depeche Mode – Everything Counts (Long Version)
Depeche Mode – Ghost
Depeche Mode – Precious
Depeche Mode – Precious (DJ Tonyy Thunder Edit)
Der Kalte Stern – Insight
Der Kalte Stern – Vicious Circle
Der Noir feat. Marco Benevento – Done
Derriere Le Miroir – Simple Blue (Demo)
Desire – Dans Mes Reves
Desire – Oxygene
Desire – Under Your Spell
Desireless and Operation Of The Sun – John
Deux – Decadence
DeVision – Until The End Of Time (Subculturemix)
DeVision – Your Hands On My Skin Remix
Devushkin son – Love (Любовь)
Diakova – Birdcage
Diakova – Roses
Die Form – Angeline
Die Form – Black Leather Gloves
Die Form – Cantique II
Die Form – La 7eme Face Du Dé
Die Form – Mecanomania(c)
Die Form – Perpetual Motion (Perpetuum Mobile)
Die Form – Prototype
Die Form – Rebirth Redeath (Ich Bin Tot Vesrion)
Die Form – Requiem
Die Form – Schaulust
Die Form – Schaulust (Scopic Pulsion)
Diktatur – Things That They Didn’t Teach Us
Disclosure feat. London Grammar – Help Me Lose My Mind
DNKL – Battles
DNKL – Hunt
DNKL – Warm Dark Night
DNKL – Wolfhour
Dominion – Beguine
Dominion – The Light Of Day
Double Echo – Concrescence
Dream Affair – The Porter
Dream Palace – Runaway
Dress-2-Kill – A Serial Killer’s Wet Dream
Dronefly – Closer
Dronefly – Doldrums
Drowner – Fear Of Falling
Drowner – Mirror
Drowner – On Bright Days
Drowner – Stay With Me
Drowning Pool – Black Baghdad
Ducktails – Letter of Intent
Dynatron – Dust of The Saturn
Easter Island – Frightened
Echo – Fleur Fatale (Extended)
Echo And the Bunnymen – Seven Seas
Echo And The Bunnymen – Bring On The Dancing Horses
Echo And The Bunnymen – Lips Like Sugar
Echo And The Bunnymen – Porcupine
Echo And The Bunnymen – Rescue
Echo And The Bunnymen – Seven Seas
Echo And The Bunnymen – The Cutter
Echo And The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon
Echo Lake – Era
Echo Lake – Nothing Lasts
Echo Lake – Sun
Echo West – In Dir
Edera – Good Things
Edèra Nera – With the Eyes of the Mind
Effulgence – Illumine
Ego Likeness – Aviary
Ego Likeness – Breedless
Ego Likeness – Drown Like You
Ego Likeness – I Live On What’s Left
Ego Likeness – Mandala
Ego Likeness – Now Until Forever
Ego Likeness – Second Skin
Ego Likeness – Sirens And Satellites
Ego Likeness – Song For Samael
Ego Likeness – The Lowest Place On Earth
Ego Likeness – Too Many Empty Nests
Ego Likeness – Traveling Son
Ego Likeness – Treacherous Thing
Ego Likeness – Weave
Ego Likeness – World Of Shame
Ego Likeness – You Better Leave the Stars Alone
Einsturzende Neubauten – Silence is Sexy
Electro Spectre – Night In Japan
Electrosexual feat. Natalii – Je Veux Du Cash
Elektrokiss – The Teacher (DJ Tonyy Plastic Mix)
Eleven Pond – Watching Trees
Elika – Your Secrets
Elizabeth Fraser + Craig Armstrong – This Love
Elizabeth Fraser + Felt – Primitive Painters
Elizabeth Fraser + Fuel – Butterfly Knife
Elizabeth Fraser + Ian Mcculloch – Candleland
Elizabeth Fraser + Massive Attack – Teardrop
Elizabeth Fraser + Spooky – Hypo-Allergenic
Elizabeth Fraser + TFSOL – Lifeforms (Path 4)
Elizabeth Fraser + This Mortal Coil – Song To The Siren
Elizabeth Fraser + Yann Tiersen – Kala
Elizabeth Fraser + Yann Tiersen – Mary
Elmapi – Addiction
Elmapi – Allo James
Elmapi – Electronique Probleme Technique
Emika – Centuries
Emilie Autumn – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Harpsichord Rendezvous)
End Of Orgy – La Trainee d’Ecume
Endraum – An Dich
Endraum – Der RosenGarten
Endraum – Der Traumer Der Keiner Ist
Endraum – Der Wanderer
Endraum – Die Stille der Nacht
Endraum – Mirabell
Endraum – Nostalghia
Endraum – Regentanz
Endraum – Schatten Der Nacht
Endraum – Zuviel Keiner Worte
Endraum feat. Stillife – Stadt Kalt Krank
Epoch – ZZ (Double Zeta)
Erasure – Oh L’Amour (acoustic)
Escape With Romeo – Somebody
Escape With Romeo – White Room (Remix)
Essenza – Between Caffeine and Daydreams
Essenza – Consolation Prize
Eternal Death – Violence (SacredSacred Remix)
Eternalkeys – Future City
Evanton – Fancy Lady
Everything But The Girl – When All’s Well
Everything Is Falling Apart – The Movies And The Pop Songs
Expect Delays – Killed By Death
Expect Delays – Laura’s Last Dance
Expect Delays – Smutsig Dag (Expect Delays Mix)
Expect Delays – Teleporlectro (Long Mix)
Expect Delays – Town Up Down
Experimental Products – Sweet Rejection
Faceless Mind – Valaskjalf
Factice Factory – Collide
Factice Factory – Hour Glass
Factice Factory – Tonband
Factice Factory feat. Kriistal Ann – Lodged
Factice Factory feat. Lissette Schoenly – Mask
Factory – Carnivore
Factory Acts – Animal Spirits
Factory Acts – Fantasy
Fad Gadget – Back To Nature
Fad Gadget – Collapsing New People (Berlin Mix)
Fad Gadget – Lady Shave Remix
Fairyland – Take My Hand
Fait – Koto
Fake The Envy – Broken
Farblos – Reisen
Faruk Sabanci feat. Josie – Wake Up
Fatal Casualties – Drifting
Fayshalarts – Clown
Fellini Félin – Wisteria
Fever Ray – Keep The Streets Empty For Me (Nico Pusch Remix)
Fiat Lux – Secrets
Fievre – Danser Dans Une Riviere
Figure Study – Answers
Figure Study – Interaction
Figure Study – Invisible
Figure Study – Wait
Figure Study – Window
Florals – Elders
Florence Foster Fan Club – Nightshift (Sci-Fi Mortiz RMX)
Florence Foster Fan Club – On
Florence Foster Fan Club – Reality
Foetus – Diabolus in musica
Forever Grey feat. Anna Schmidt – Blanket of Ice
Forthcoming Fire – Riders On The Storm
Fortification – Hopes And Dreams
Fra Lippo Lippi – Shouldn’t Have To Be Like That
Fractal Feelings – Impossible Mission
Fragmentos Industriales – Todo Me Lleva Hacia Ti
Franck Kartell – Oceanus Procellarum
Fraqsea – Sparrow
Fraunhofer Diffraction – Asphyxia
Fraunhofer Diffraction – Conclusion
Fraunhofer Diffraction – Kvrt in space (Nirvana Witchhouse Refixed)
Freiwillige Selbskontrolle – Viel zu Viel
Front 242 – Controversy Between
Front 242 – Operating Tracks
Front 242 – Quite Unusual
Frozen Memory – Heimatlos V
Fuka Lata – Velvet Daze
Futurecop! – Maladaptive Daydreaming
Futurisk – Meteroright
Fuzzy Mood – FC
Galatée – Chantez-vous Haut Et Fort (DJ Tonyy Extended Edit)
Galatée – Les Deux
Galatée – Vivre Sa Vie (Princess De Suède)
Galatée – Vraiment
Garden Of Delight – Shared Creation (The Lovecraft Mix)
Garden Of Delight – The Lost Gods
Gary Numan – I Am Dust (Klaaxxtended)
Gazelle Twin – Men Like Gods (Ghost Eyes Remix)
Gel Set – Hong Kong Long Con
Gel Set – Love on Video
Gel Set – Never Never Dance
Gemini Tri – Mirror
Gemini Tri – Silence Of The Universe
GEMS – All I Ever
GEMS – Medusa
GEMS – Pegasus
GEMS – Sinking Stone
GEMS – Void Moon
Geneva Jacuzzi – The Sleep Room
Geometric Silence – Communication
Geometric Vision – Skies
Gerard McMann – Cry Little Sister
Gertrud Stein – U-Bahn
Gesloten Cirkel – FeatLiette
Ghost Twin – Fire of the Mind
Ghostlights – Drift
Ghostlights – Mantra
Ghostlights – Sideways
Giallo – Today
Giallo – Winter’s Soul
Girls Under Glass – Down in the Park
Gitane Demone – Incendiary Lover
Glasnost – Alors (Argentina)
Glasnost – Nustar (Flight Remix)
Glass Candy – Computer Love
Glass Candy – Digital Versicolor
Glass Candy – Rolling Down The Hills (Spring Demo)
Glass Candy – Shell Game
Glass Candy – The Chameleon
Glass Candy – The Possessed (Runway Edit)
Glass Candy – Warm in the Winter
Gliss – Black Is Blue
Gliss – In Heaven
Go Cozy – Sophie Starlight
God Module – Sections
God’s Bow – I Know
God’s Bow – Mosaic
Gold Zebra – Apart Again
Gold Zebra – Back In The Dust
Gold Zebra – Dark Musique
Gold Zebra – Invisible Disorder
Gold Zebra – Trans Desert
Gold Zebra – When Words Fail
GoldCrown – The Offer
Golden Gardens – Alcove
Golden Gardens – Transparent Things
Goldroom feat. Chela – Fifteen
Gost – The Change
Goya – Dobre Sny
Graustufe – Porcelain
Grauzone – Eisbaer (Slop Summer Berlin Remix)
Greg Forbes – Imke (Dreampop Mix)
Gridscape feat. Frank B – Fitness Force Omega
Grimes – Reality (Flpydsk Remix)
Guyer’s Connection – Keep The City Clean
H ø R D – Let Them Burn (Volcan Remix)
H ø R D – RFLX
Haelos – Breathe
Haelos – Dust
Haelos – Dust (UNKLE Remix)
Haelos – Earth Not Above
Haelos – Ethyr
Haelos – Pray
Haelos – The Sun Rising
Hal feat. Gillian Anderson – Extremis
Halou – I Am Warm
Handful Of Snowdrops – Land of the damned
Hante. – Burning (DJ Tonyy edit)
Hante. – Damages
Hante. – In Cold Water
Hante. – One More Dance
Hante. – The Storm
Hard Corps – Porte Bonheur (Mix Étendu)
Harry – Genebra
Heather H Celeste – Modern Death
Hermaphrodita – Limbo
Hertzinfarkt – Stell Lauter
Hidden Place – Climax Soul
Hidden Place – Window Sill
Hideous Towns – Pets
Highway Superstar – Easy Ride
Hinterland – Tiger Tiger
Hjördis-Britt Åström – Castles
Hjördis-Britt Åström – Emptiness
Hjördis-Britt Åström – Funeral (Will Graham’ Mix by DJ Tonyy)
Hjördis-Britt Åström – Holodno
Hjördis-Britt Åström – Mind
Hjördis-Britt Åström – Moon
Hjördis-Britt Åström feat. Kriistal Ann – In Every Smile
Hjördis-Britt Åström feat. Simona Ferrucci – Honesty Or Feels
Hjördis-Britt Åström feat. Kriistal Ann – Forecourt Of Hades
Hjördis-Britt Åström feat. Kriistal Ann – Spiritual Liberation
Hjördis-Britt Åström feat. Kriistal Ann – Underground Misleading
Hjördis-Britt Åström feat. ΔurΔl – Particulas De Luz
HNN – Je Pars (Trisomie 21 Remix)
Holy Other – Yr Love
Hooverphonic – Inhaler
Hooverphonic – Mad About You
Human Drama – Decades
Human League – Fascination Extended
Human League – Heart like a wheel (DJ Tonyy V Mix)
Human League – Love Action
Human League – The Things That Dreams Are Made Of (FunKosmic Mix by Sci-Fi Moritz)
Hunter As a Horse – The Woods
Hunter as a Horse – We Will Meet Again
Husky Rescue – Sound of Love
I Am The Cosmos – So Glad (Gesaffelstein Remix)
I Break Horses – Winter Beats
I Break Horses – Wired
I Break Horses – You Burn
I Break Horses & CSLSX – Violent Sea
I Monster – Daydream In Blue
IC3PEAK – Collapse
IC3PEAK -I’ll Be Found (Hermes Haight Remix)
Id!r – Reward For Love
Identity Theft – Ad Hominem
Identity Theft – Locus Of Control
Identity Theft – Mirror Stage
Identity Theft – Silent Calliope’s Curse
IKO ’83 – Radioactive Mist
Ikon – She’s in Parties
Im Namen des Volkes – Eisbär
Immensus feat Amelia June – Stranger
In Death It Ends – Conjure
In Death It Ends – Forgotten Knowledge
In Death It Ends – Wrathful And Sullen
In My Rosary – Death is a Rose
Individual Industry – Tomorrow
Industrial Artz – Move To The Groove (Black Sundays Mix)
Informatics – Satellite To Russia
Inhalt – Walking On Glass
Intenna – My Flowery Dream
Intersigno – Nostromo
Invincible Limits – Push !!
Isslene and Leo – Sleeping Firebird
Jake Nicoll – Pissing On The Fire
James – Born Of Frustration
James – Don’t Wait That Long
James – Sit Down (Live)
James Ray – Dust Boat
James Ray – Edie Sedgwick
James Ray – Mountain Voices
James Ray – Texas
Javarnanda – Breeze Deluxe
Javarnanda – Inspector Cool
Jessica Allyn – Wild Hearts
Jeunesse d’Ivoire – A Gift Of Tears
Joe Crow – Compulsion
John Costello – Blanket Expression
John Foxx And Jori Hulkkonen – Evangeline (David Lynch Remix)
Johnny Jewel – Bullytown (Lost River OST)
Jose Gonzales – Storm (LCAW Remix)
Joy Division – Atmosphere
Joy Division – Decades
Joy Division – Digital
Joy Division – Disorder
Joy Division – Heart And Soul
Joy Division – Isolation
Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart
Joy Division – The Eternal
Joy Division – Transmission
Joy Division – Transmission (DJ Tonyy Rework)
Joypopp – Caress
Julee Cruise – Blue Velvet
Jules and James – Heaven
Julian Brandt – Love Can Turn Us Blind
Junksista – Life Is Unfair (And Love Is A Bitch)
Kai Engel – Calls and Echoes
Kai Engel – Phantasm
Kai Engel – Raining
Kalle J – Rare Die
KAN3DA – Experiment
Kapital Gaynz – James Joyce
Karen Novotny X – Free Radio
Karen Novotny X – Munich Melodie
Karen Novotny X – Ono Summer
Karin Park – Thousand Loaded Guns (Pacific Alternative Club Mix)
Kas Product – Crash
Kas Product – Tina Town
Kasetina – The Chadakia
Kasetina – The Quiet Nights
Katsen – Where Nobody Can Find Us
KatzKab – The Baron Samedi’s End
Kaycee – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Martini Bros Remix)
Keep Shelly In Athens – A Song To Cheer You Up
Keep Shelly in Athens – Flyway
Keep Shelly in Athens – Fractals
Keep Shelly In Athens – Just Like Honey
Keep Shelly in Athens – Oostende
Keep Shelly in Athens – Recollection (Selebrities Remix)
Keluar – Cleo (Soft Riot’s Waves Version)
Keluar – Ennoea
Keluar – Fractures
Keluar – Panguna (The Hacker Remix)
Keluar – Rupture (Featuring Ascetic)
Keluar – Vitreum
Kernich feat. Sixth June – Back
Khidja – Indecis (Red Axes Remix)
Killing Joke – Ecstasy (Extended Mix)
Killing Joke – Love Like Blood (12″)
Killing Joke – Sanity (Insane Mix)
Kindest Cuts – Prone
Kirlian Camera – Eclipse I
Klorex – Betamax
Komarken Electronics – Aeon
Komputer – Incommunication
Koova – Surveillance Nation
Kraftwerk – Computerwelt Medley (Razormaid Mix)
Kraftwerk – It’s More Fun To Compute
Kraftwerk – Neon Lights
Kraftwerk – The Robots
Kreativ In Den Boden – Acheron
Kreativ In Den Boden – Cross On Fire
Kreativ In Den Boden – Tease
Kreativ In Den Boden – Tristi
Kriistal Ann – Eerie Night
Kriistal Ann – Fire and the Vortex
Kriistal Ann – Intolerant Eros
Kriistal Ann – She Walks In Beauty
Kriistal Ann – Sirens
Kriistal Ann – Staggering Horizons
Kriistal Ann & ModE in gliANY – Elegy and Satires
Kriistal Ann & ModE in gliANY – Jour de pluie à Paris
Kriistal Ann & ModE in gliANY – Liquid State
Kris Menace – Falling Star
Kubinski – Awake
Kubinski – Way of Heart
Kym Amps – You Don’t Know My Name
La Féline – Adieu l’enfance
La Féline – Into The Night (Julie Cruise cover)
La Féline – Les Fashionistes
La Floa Maldita – Sang Chaud
Lachi James – Dance For Me
Lachi James – When You Cry
Laibach – Eurovision
Laibach – Koran
Lake Radio – Ghost Translator
Lakobeil – That’s All
L’Altra – When the Ship Sinks Make It Sing
Lamento – Letzte Blicke
Lamirah – Sofdu Unga Astin Min
Lampshade – Because Trees Can Fly
Landing – Patterns
L’Aquarium – Let Your Voice Be Heard
Last Light – Vertigo Effect
L’Avenir – Fallow Land
L’Avenir – Fallow Land
Lazerhawk – Arrival (Mitch Murder Remix)
Le Cliché – All You Can Eat (Buffet À Volonté)
Le Cliche – Ventolin
Le Syndicat Electronique – Bodywave
Le Syndicat Electronique – Ewigkeit
Le Syndicat Electronique – Exil
Le Syndicat Electronique – Ruines
Le Syndicat Electronique – The Men Who Killed The Beat
Le Tigre – Eau D’Bedroom Dancing
Leaks – Delicate Love
Leave The Planet – Between Bodies
Lebanon Hanover – Gallowdance
Lebanon Hanover – I Believe You Can Survive (DJ Tonyy Extended )
Lebanon Hanover – Ice Cave
Lebanon Hanover – Stahlwerk
Lemongrass – Lovely
Lendless – Strugglers
Lenny Ibizarre – A Drop In The Ocean
Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows
Les Chic Voltage – Disco Gallo 84
Les Jumeaux Discordants – Myrtho
Les Jumeaux Discordants – Wisdom
Les Modules Etranges feat. Countess M. & Banshee Xuân – Cosmic
Les Petits Freres de l’Ocean Indien – Winter Skies
Les Rita Mitsouko – C’est Comme Ça
Lescop – La Foret
Lescop – La Nuit Américaine
Lescop – Le Vent
Lethargy – Pictures Of You
Lights That Change – Beautiful Soul
Lights That Change – Running
Lights That Change – Seven Point One
Lights That Change – Song To The Siren
Lights That Change – Theme Stage
Lights That Change – Uncomplex
Lights That Change – Voices
Lilies On Mars – No Way
Lilies On Mars – See You Sun
Lilies On Mars – SIDE ABCDE
Limbo – Hermaphrodita
Linea Aspera – Synapse
Linea Aspera – Younger Dryas
Linear Movement – On The Screen
Lipstick – Electrolyt
Lisa Alma – Our Time
Lisa Gerrard – All Along The Watchtower
Lisa Gerrard – Now We Are Free (Gladiator theme)
Lisa Gerrard – Tell it from the mountain
Lisa Gerrard & Marcello De Francisci – Departum
Lisa Nascimento and Picolo – Forever (Extended Version)
Lispector – The Cult Of Less
Little Nemo – Seconds
LittleBoots – Smalltown Boy
Liz & László – Je Ne Suis Là Pour Personne
Liz & László – Rien Á Paris
Lloyd Cole And The Commotions – Forest Fire
Lloyd Cole And The Commotions – Perfect Skin
Lloyd Cole And The Commotions – Rattlesnakes
Lomboy – When the Party’s Over
London After Midnight – Kiss
London After Midnight – Sacrifice
Loom – Echoes
Loom – Every Crime
L’ordre d’Héloïse – Croire En La Nuit
L’ordre d’Héloïse – La Horde
L’ordre d’Héloïse – Le Chaos De L’histoire
L’ordre d’Héloïse – L’enfer Me Ment
Los Jardines de Bruselas – Butterflies
Los Jardines de Bruselas feat. Sobrenadar – Me and the Animals
Lost At Last – Shalom Asalaam
Lotus Feed – King for Days (Synthsized Remix)
Love And Rockets – Saudade
Love Is Colder Than Death – Very Ill
Love Spirals Downwards – Illusory Me
Love Spirals Downwards – Ladonna Dissima
Lovers Revenge – Betrayed
Lovers Revenge – Betrayed 2013
Lovers Revenge – Dreams
Lovers Revenge – Psychitzophrenic Love
Lovers Revenge – Stalker
Lovers Revenge – The Revenge
Lovers Revenge feat. Countess M. – Passing Strangers
Low Sea – Alex
Low Sea – Berlin
Lower Synth Department – Fashion Dreams
Lower Synth Department – Träume Mit Mir
Lowlife – Bittersweet
Luna Reign – In Love And Silent Screams
Luuul feat. Anna Paul – The Morning After
Luuul feat. Loumar – Night Love
Luxxury – Planet Earth (Duran Duran cover)
Lycia – Down
Lycia – Everything Is Cold
Lykanthea vs Savage Sister – Orphan Wild
M – Midnight City (Trentemoller Remix)
M!r!m -Never Trust
Made in Japan – History
Madre Del Vizio – Amore, Fede, Speranza
Madredeus – O Pastor
Maerchenbraut – Weichet Wichte
Makina GiRGiR – Aimless Drive
Makina GiRGiR – Sang Tiede
Malanima – Arab Spring (Part 1+2)
Malanima – Notturno Istanbul
Malaria – Your Turn To Run
Malory – Argo Night Shuttle
Malory – Back To The Point (I’ve Started From)
Malory – Beauty
Malory – Cache
Malory – Dany
Malory – Endora
Malory – Falling Shine
Malory – Floating
Malory – Painted Dreams
Malory – Silence Flows Through Noise
Malory – Spring
Malory – Sunday Night
Malory – The Choice You Have
Malory – Wake Up
Malory – Words
Man Is a Lonely Soldier – 80’s Child
Man Is a Lonely Soldier – Light for People
Manasyt – 1984
Manasyt – Back To Coma
Manasyt – Man With No Shadow
Manasyt vs. Beta Evers – Harder (Live)
Manasyt vs. Beta Evers – Kinbaku-Bi
Manasyt vs. Beta Evers – Play Bizarre
Mandalay – Insensible
Manu Shrine – Wave Form
Markus Midnight – End of the Line
Marsheaux – City On Lights
Marsheaux – Computer Love
Marsheaux – Eyes Without a Face
Marsheaux – Leave In Silence (Depeche Mode cover)
Marsheaux – My Secret Garden (Depeche Mode cover)
Marsheaux – Pure
Marsheaux – The Sun and the Rainfall (Depeche Mode cover)
Marsheaux – To The End
Martial Canterel – Phantom
Martin Gore – Compulsion (Shockwave Mix)
Mascara Hera – Cumulus
Massive Attack – Angel (Mad Professor Remix)
Massive Attack – Inertia Creeps (Abdul Alhazred Mix by DJ Tonyy)
Massive Attack – Teardrop
Massive Ego – I Like Boys (Qrawzer Extended Mix)
Mawn – Suburbio
MCLL – Never Existed
MCLL – Safe Word
Mecano – Links
Mecano – Mecano
Mecano – Robespierre
Mecano – To Life’s Reunion
Mecano – Untitled
Melankolya – Beautiful
Melankolya – Neurotic
Melankolya – Neurotic
Mellonta Tauta – Cosmic Voyager
Mellonta Tauta – Pull The Charriots
Mellonta Tauta – Twenty Years
Mesh – Adjust Your Set (MaBose Extended Version)
Mesh – You Didn’t Want Me
METAL DISCO – Bliss (Glass Dancer remix)
METAL DISCO – Kamikaze Baby
Metroland – Design (Fotonovela’s R2D2 Loves C3po Remix)
MGMT – Kids (DJ Tonyy Synthpop Mix)
Miangelve – Teaching Machine
Michmash – Lullaby Of Glass
Mijo feat. Ana Ceci Saldivar – Lagrimas de Mende
Minerve – Forbidden Love
Minipop – Chances
Minipop – My Love Will Last Forever
Minipop – Rocket
Minnie d’Arc – NightDrive (Deadfall mix)
Mint Julep – No Letting Go
Minuit Machine – Ego
Minuit Machine – I Am A Boy
Minuit Machine – Midnight Love
Minuit Machine – She Devil
Minuit Machine – Youth Grief
Minx And Zimmerman – Tearoom In the Rain
Mirabilis – Permafrost (Tundra Mix)
Miro – Traumwanderung
Mirrors of Mind – Дорога перемен (Estrada Revolucionária)
Mirrors of Mind – Закрыть глаза (Feche Seus Olhos)
Mitch Murder – In The News (Nite Sprite Future Drive Remix)
Mitra Mitra – Heat (Oppenheimer MkII remix)
Mitraillette – Die On Their Backs
Mitraillette – Heaven In The Underground
Mobidextrous feat. Miss Melody – Huan
Moby – Almost Home (Haveck Remix)
Moby – Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad
Moby feat. Cold Specks – Tell Me
Mode In Gliany – Die Endlosbahn
Modele Mecanique – Dark of the Moon
Modern Blossom – A Common Poetry
Modern Blossom – A Sickness Called Faith
Mokhov – Halcyon Days
Momenform – Untitled (Montreal)
Momentform – Palace
Monophona – Give Up
Moodoïd – La Chanson Du Ciel De Diamants
Moodoïd – La Lune
Moodoïd – Tomber
Moon. – Walk The Line
Moonchild – Sadness
Morfeo Speaks – Fairies
Morrissey – The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
Morten Harket – Undecided
Mosaicc – Promise (Purr Tapes Mix)
Moskwa TV – Generator
Mr. Moods – The Strings Of Life
MrKitty – Days
Mu – Mysteries of Love
Múm – Toothwheels
Mutant Beat Dance – Let Me Go
Mute Angst Envy – Catacombs
My Violent Ego – Plim
Mythos – Sunless Sea
Nadine Shah – Aching Bones
Naked Lunch – Weekend Behaviour
Nancy Fortune & Beta Evers – Nightmare Machinery
Naoki Kenji – Haru
Nausicaä – You Let Me Down
Negative Gemini – Negative Gemini
Neiv – Human Fight
Neon Judgement – Chinese Black
Neon Judgement – The Fashion Party
Neon Judgement – TV Treated
Neon Vandal – ShadowDancer
Neud – One Nite Toulouse
Neud – Verpissdich
Neutral Project – Enigmatic Dream
New Canyons – VEX APEX
New Dawn Fades – Always And Everywhere
New Model Army – Poison Street
New Model Army – st State
New Order – 586 (Razormaid)
New Order – Blue Monday
New Order – Temptation (Readhead Mix)
New Order – The Perfect Kiss (Matty C Remix)
New Order – Your Silent Face
New Spell – Become the Road
New Spell – Strangers
Nico Pusch – Mama
Nicolas Estany feat Bastian – Bonjour Deception (Tkuz Remix)
Night Moves – Transdance (Extended Version 1984)
Nightcrawler – Broken Dreams
Nightcrawler – Knight Rider Autocruise
Nightcrawler – Road Blaster
Nightcrawler – The House Of Pleasure
Nightcrawler feat. SIMØNE – Metropolis
Nightlife – Days In Other Days
Nightlife – On The Run
Nightlife – Our Love
Nightmare Air – Days
Nightmare Air – Icy Daggers
Nightmare Air – Sweet Messy Riff
Niky Nine – Road
Nina – We Are The Wild Ones
Nine Circles – Alice Don’t Jump
Nine Circles – Dark City
Nine Circles – Games
Nine Circles – Here Come I, Here is Me (Version 2014)
Nine Circles – Mercy
Nine Circles – Number Not Available
Nine Circles – The Shade Killed Her
Nine Circles – Twinkling Stars
Nine Circles – Twinkling Stars (Version )
Nine Circles – Vulkan
Nine Circles – What’s There Left (Version )
Nine Inch Nails – Dead Souls
Nobody Was There – Repeating The Past
Noir – A Forest
Nola Wren – Plastic Kingdom
Non-Human Persons – Devil and Cinderella (radio edit)
Non-Human Persons – Perigee-Syzygy
Non-Human Persons – Shadow
Noosa – Clocktower
Noosa – Fear Of Love
Noosa – Stranger
Noosa – Wonderland
Northern Lite – We All Are Dancing (Album Demo)
Northern Lite – Who You Are (DJ Tonyy Edit)
Nosferatu – Vampyres Cry
Nouvelle Electro – Lift Me Higher
Nouvelle Phénomène – Au Fond De Mon Coeur
Nouvelle Phénomène – Au Fond De Mon Coeur (Machinegewehr Remix)
Nouvelle Phénomène – Caresse
Nouvelle Phénomène – Cruel Game
Nouvelle Phénomène – Cruel Game (Vanzetti & Sacco Remix)
Nouvelle Phénomène – Glory of Romance
Nouvelle Phénomène – Secret
Novamen – Lies
November Növelet – Always
November Növelet – Don’t Know Why I Love You
November Növelet – Fire
November Novelet – Free
November Növelet – Glass
November Növelet – Glass
November Növelet – Heart of Stone
November Növelet – He’s Dying Beside
November Növelet – In Circles
November Növelet – Magic
November Növelet – My Fairy Place
November Növelet – The World In Devotion
November Növelet – We Fade Away
Nuages – Closer
Nuages – Dreams
O.Children – Dead Disco Dancer
Ocean Calling – Desert Sky Scarlet
ODESZA feat. Jenni Potts – White Lies (Koa Remix)
Of A Mesh – Burning Bride
OGRE – Flex In
Oilensanc – Die Nebelfee
Olga Kouklaki – I U Need
OLMS – Before I go
OMD And Marsheaux – She’s Leaving
One Thousand Violins – Like Violins
Opale – Les Champs Magnétiques (Luminous Version)
Opale – Sleepless
Opale – Sparkles and Wine
Opera De Nuit – Ami Amant
Opera Multi Steel – Ad Nauseam
Opera Multi Steel – Armide (Autumn Mix)
Opera Multi Steel – Benedictus
Opera Multi Steel – Benedictus
Opera Multi Steel – Cathedrale
Opera Multi Steel – Cathedrale MMXIII (French Version)
Opera Multi Steel – Christ
Opera Multi Steel – Eleanor Rigby
Opera Multi Steel – Isolation
Opera Multi Steel – Jardin Botanique
Opera Multi Steel – La Voix Qui Sauve
Opera Multi Steel – Les Grands Orchestres
Opera Multi Steel – Les Martyrs
Opera Multi Steel – Les Prophètes
Opera Multi Steel – Memorias de vigo
Opera Multi Steel – Mirage Fatidique
Opera Multi Steel – Par Ci Ou’l’homme Trépasse
Opera Multi Steel – Plusiers ‘Amen’
Opera Multi Steel – Sans Histoire
Opera Multi Steel – Tant Royale Est Sa Lumière
Opera Multi Steel – Tes Lèvres, Un Abat-son
Opera Multi Steel – Un Froid Seul
Operation Ghost Stories – Peppermint Skin
Ophélie feat. Lena Deluxe – Close To Me
Oppenheimer Analysis – The Devil’s Dancers
Oppenheimer MkII – Action Man (Plastic Fantasy mix)
Oppenheimer MkII – Line of Sight
Oppenheimer MkII – On Brighton Pier
Oppenheimer MkII – The Devil’s Work
Oppenheimer MkII – You Will Never Know (Secrets And Lies mix)
Orchidée Noire – Abscisses et Désordonnée
Orchidée Noire – Défense De Se Noyer
Orchidée Noire – J N V I
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – The Love and Defiance of Being Alive
Osseovs – Cold Bloom
Osseovs – Seclusion in the Dead of Night
Osseovs – Silent as a Grave
Otto Dix – Anima
Otto Dix – I Wil Don’t Fear
Otto Dix feat. Stillife – In Memory
Owlle – Disorder
P.C.P. – Piza
PAAR – Pure
PAAR – She Brings The Rain
Pale Blue – The Past We Leave Behind
Pallers – Humdrum
Papercutz – Rivers (Un.Think remix)
Papercutz – Silent Passenger
Paradise Walk – The Search
Paradox Obscur – Boulevard Voltaire
Paradox Obscur – Broken Lies
Paradox Obscur – Cold November
Paradox Obscur – Grieving Days
Paradox Obscur – Spectral Isis
Parallels aka Kontravoid – Dry Blood
Parasol – Close My Eyes
Passion Play – Down To You
Paula – I Could Be
Pegasus Asteroid – Danger Zone Of Mortis
Pegasus Asteroid – Distant Rock
Pegasus Asteroid – Planeta
Peine Perdue – Aleister
Peine Perdue – Apre Midi
Peine Perdue – Je Penche
Peine Perdue – Paradis
Peine Perdue – Segment
Pendentif – Cinnamon
Pendentif – La Nuit Dernière
Persona Project – Damned
Peter Murphy – A Strange Kind Of Love
Peter Murphy – All Night Long
Peter Murphy – Cuts You Up
Peter Murphy – Final Solution (Club Mix)
Phobia – Jack
Phosphor – Linear Attraction
Phosphor – Rotary
Pianochocolate feat. K. Gorban – City
Picnic – I’m Here
Picnic – In This Cold
Pictures of Agony – Naked And Savage
Pierre Normal – Je Mourrai
Pink Industry – Don’t Let Go (remix)
Pink Industry – Extreme
Pink Industry – Pain of Pride
Pink Industry – What I Wouldn’t Give
Pink Noise Party – The Day I Stopped Loving You
Pink Noise Party feat. Gaspard Delanoe – Fire In Cairo
Pinknruby – Stardust
Pitch Yarn of Matter – Alles Schwartz
Pitch Yarn Of Matter – So Tired
Placebo Effect – Galleries Of Pain (Bloody Pain Remix)
Plaisance – 5, 6, 7, 8
Plaisance – Junk Food
Plaisance – Non Parlo Italiano
Plaisance & Claudia Ortolani – Same road, different ways
Plaisance & Shio-Z – The three elements
Plaisance feat. SHIO-Z – Deep Blue
Plaster – Xenas (Datacrashrobot Rmx)
Plastic Flowers – Fog Song
Plastic Flowers – Ghosts (feat. Keep Shelly in Athens)
Play Dead – Solace
Poesie Noire – A Night Like This
Poesie Noire – Aura Of Sadness
Poesie Noire – Deja Vu
Poesie Noire – Fait Accompli
Poesie Noire – Icicle
Poesie Noire – L’Argent Est Un Cadeu
Poesie Noire – Love Is Colder Than Death
Poesie Noire – Marian
Poesie Noire – Night Of The Mare
Poesie Noire – No Beach
Poesie Noire – Oblivion
Poesie Noire – Ocean Of Tears
Poesie Noire – Pity For The Self
Poesie Noire – Radioactive Flood
Poesie Noire – Taste Of Candy
Poesie Noire – Timber
Police Des Moeurs – Échéance
Police Des Moeurs – Monde Fallacieux
Police Des Moeurs – Ta Fin Du Monde (Jordan Dare Remix)
Police Des Moeurs – Un Voyage
Police des Moeurs feat. Frank (Just Frank) – La Politique De La Division
Polly Scattergood – Please Don’t Touch (The Golden Filter Remix)
Polygamy Boys – Man Against Man
Popsimonova & Zarkoff – Strange Blend 12″
Porcelain Raft – Drifting In And Out
Portishead – All Mine
Portishead – Glory Box
Portishead – Mourning Air (War Child)
Portishead – Mysterons
Portishead – Numb (DJ Tonyy Thriftshop edit )
Portishead – Only You
Portishead – Over
Portishead – Pedestal
Portishead – Roads
Portishead – Sour Sour Times
Portishead – Strangers
Portishead – Theme From To Kill A Dead Man
Portishead – Undenied
Portishead – Wandering Star
Position Parallele – Fortune
Position Parallele – Si Calme
Position Parallèle – Si je te croise…
Position Parallele – Un Dernier RDV
Position Parallele – Une Erreur
Postiljonen – Help
Postiljonen – Plastic Panorama
Pouvoir Magique – Initiation
Power Glove – Motorcycle Cop
Prantron – A Gain Today
Prantron – Toyland
Pray For Rain – Chinese Choppers & Burning Room
Prayers For Rain – Just Like Heaven
Pretty In Pink – Lovely, Lovely
Prince Innocence – Night People
Product – Heart Ov Glass
Project Pitchfork – Entering the Life Towards Illumination
Protector – Neon Highway
Psyche – Goodbye Horses (Immortality Radio Edit)
Psychic Twin – Dreamstate
Psychic Twin – Gonna Get Her
Psychic Twin – I Want to Forge
Psychic Youth – Step In Time
PÜ – Disco Bizzare
Pulcher Femina – Love You To Death
Pure Bathing Culture – Dreams
Pure Bathing Culture – Ivory Coast
Pure Bathing Culture – Pendulum
Pure Bathing Culture – Scotty
Q Lazzarus – Goodbye Horses (Extended Version)
Rachel Zeffira – Break The Spell (Young Galaxy Remix)
Rain Sword – Summer Breeze
Rain Sword – Visions
Rammsier – Blackflowers
Rammsier – Dreamers
Rammsier – Hate
Rarareruri – Dumyrox
re•flect•box – Tip Of The Tongue
re•flect•box – You Are
Real Life – Send Me An Angel (Ehron VonAllen Mix)
RED – Démontons Les Briques
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Generation
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Hollow Eyes
Replicanti – She’s Lost Control
Resistance Of Independent Music – Coming Grief Again
Resistance Of Independent Music – Dark horizons
Resistance Of Independent Music – Serenade For A Ghost
Rework – Amoureuse
Rework – Love Love Love Yeah
Rework – October Love Song
Rimer London – Go Away
Rise and Fall Of Decade – Pure Hands
Risk Risk – Scientists (DJ Tonyy Edit)
Robin Guthrie – Wishing
Robots – Robotmetrobot
Rohn Jambo – 15 Late Night Fever
Roman Rain – Glaza Ângela
Roman Rain – Koroleva
Roman Rain – Veter Moj
Rosetta Stone – Adrenaline
Royksopp – Ice Machine (Godlike Edit)
Royksopp – What Else Is There
Royksopp – What Else Is There (DJ Tonyy Extended )
Röyksopp & Robyn – Do It Again (Moullinex Remix)
RPR – Omu Prins Lament (RPR remix)
Ruble Gang – Paralyzed Dream
Rue Du Mort – Nathaly
Ruins – Fire
Ruth Uve – Une Reve
Ryan Paris – I Wanna Love You Once Again
Saara – Unenägu (October Love Song)
Saeldes Sanc – Des Wînters langiu Nâht
Saigon Blue Rain – Break the Disease
Saigon Blue Rain – Fading Fantasies
Saigon Blue Rain – I Wanna Be You
Saigon Blue Rain – L’Offrande
Saigon Blue Rain – The Unknown
Sainthill – Linda’s Song (with Marita Dyson)
Sally Dige – Hard To Please
Sanne de Neige – Light
Sanne de Neige – Low
Sanne de Neige – Venin
Santiago Radar – El Eclipse
Sarabeth Tucek – Three Imaginary Boys (The Cure cover)
Savage Sister – Fortress
Savage Sister – Huge Moves
Savage Sister – Watercolor
Schattenspiel – Aus dem Dunkel
Schonwald – A Forest (The Cure cover)
Schonwald – A Night Like This (The Cure cover)
Schonwald – Slow Milk (Airstrip Version)
Schroeder – Head
Scratch Massive – Break Away
Scratch Massive – Golden Dreams
Scratch Massive – Nuit de Mes Réves
Scratch Massive – Pleine Lune
Scratch Massive – Take Me There (feat. Jimmy Somerville)
Scratch Massive – Three Imaginary Boys (The Cure cover)
Sea of Tranquility – Elizabeth & Robin
Seacrypt – Emerge
Seacrypt – Glass Eye
Seacrypt – Hide and Seek
Seacrypt – Last Man
Seacrypt – Passerby
Seahorse Hunter – Desire Light
Seas – SunRa
Season Of Melancholy – Seven Butterflies
Seawaves – Born To Fly
Seawaves – Forever Young (Alphaville cover)
Seawaves – Whisper A Slow Motion Life
Seawaves & nExow – Firework
Sebastien Tellier – Cochon Ville (The Magician Remix)
Second Decay – I’m Leaving
Secret Soviet Army – Deep Forest
Secret Soviet Army – Turn Your Body
Secret Soviet Army – Wastik
Section 25 – Inspiration
Section 25 – Looking From a Hilltop (Restructure)
Selebrities – Baroque
Selebrities – I Could Change
Selofan – Six Weeks
Selofan – Tristesse
Selofan – Verboten
Selva Oscura – Felt Before
Sex Gang Children – Dieche
Shadowfinder feat. McDalenna – Dream Machine
Shadowfinder feat. McDalenna – Need More From Life
Shapefiter – Peace Maker
Shapeshifter – Song of Dreams
She Past Away – Belirdi Gece (Musallat)
She Past Away – Sanr
Shift – Electrofixx
SHIO-Z – Contagious
SHIO-Z – Fever
SHIO-Z – Flying Away
SHIO-Z – Harbinger Down
SHIO-Z – Hidden Connections
SHIO-Z – Speed of Death
SHIO-Z feat. Claudia Ortolani – ° Fahrenheit
Shoe Vil – Shorty
Siglo XX – The Room
Signal Aout – Carnaval (DJ Tonyy Phaser Mix)
Sigur Rós – Sæglópur (Talul Remix)
Siiiii – Over
Silence Gift – From the inside
Silence Gift – God Has Saved The Queen
Silence Gift – Prince McGee
Silent Signals – Berlin Is Lost
Silent Signals – Exit Out
Silentport – Charlie (An Hero Borns When A Brave Die)
Silentport – Love Like a Deliverance
Silentport – Slipping Away Like a Tear
Silentport – Stimmen im Kopf (Snowflakes Remix)
Silentport – The Dream Maker
Silentport – The Secret Room (Silent Piano Mix)
Silentport feat. Bjarkan – Lady Of The Night
Silentport feat. Lady Ghost – Words From The Silence
Silke Bischoff – On The Other Side
Similarobjects feat. Nouvul – ESP
Single Gun Theory – Motherland
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Cities In Dust Remix
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Hall Of Mirrors
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Happy House (2003 Remix)
Siouxsie And The Banshees – I Promise
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Lunar Camel
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Melt!
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Red Light
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Trophy
Sixth June – Back For A Day
Sixth June – Come Closer
Sixth June – Drowning
Sixth June – Oh No, It’s Burning
Skeleton Beach – Clear
Skeleton Hands – City Lights
Skeleton Hands – Robot Hands
Skeleton Hands – Things You Said (Depeche Mode cover)
Ski Patrol – Extinguish (March ’81 Dub Mix)
Skip Skip Ben Ben – Childhood
SKVM – Witch Hunt
Skylar Grey – Coming Home (A.n.o. Remix)
Skyler Cocco – Tangled
Skymarines – Happiness
Skymarines – Lullaby
Skymarines – Zach’s Balloons
Sleep Museum – Butterfly
Sleep Museum – Promise
Sleep Museum – Tone
Sleep Museum – Underground Maneuvers
Sleeping Dogs Wake – Sugarkisses
Sleeping Dogs Wake – Swan Song
Slow Dancing Society – Lemon Crush
Slow Magic – Sorry Safari
Slow Magic – Toddler Tiger
Slow Motion Picture – Opening
Slow Reverse – Afterdark
Slow Reverse – Furniture
Slow Reverse – The Illusionist
Snakadaktal – Fall Underneath
Sneakster – Fireheart (Remix By Robin Guthrie)
Snowy Red – Lies In Your Eye
Soft As Snow But Warm Inside – When The Nightmare Ends
Soft Cell – Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (Extended)
Soft Cell – Torch Extended
Soft Metals – Hourglass (Marbeya Sound Remix)
Soft Metals – Interobserver (Bryan Zentz -Skandhas Remix)
Soft Metals – No Turning Back (Tying Tiffany Remix)
Soft Metals – No Turning Back (WMX Bestial Mouths Remix)
Soft Metals – Tell Me (Jesse Ruins Remix)
Soft Metals – Tell Me (Silent Servant Edit)
Soft Metals – Tell Me (Sumergido Remix)
Soft Metals – Voices (A Darkwerkz Remix)
Soft Metals – When I Look Into Your Eyes (L-Sedition Remix)
SOHN – Warnings
Sol Invictus – Long Live Death
Soldout – ’94
Soley – Pretty Face (Nico Pusch Bootleg Remix)
Solid Space – New Statue
Soma Sema – Under Waves
Soma Sonic – Falling
Sophya – Another Day
Sound Tesselated – Plastic People
Sounds of Sputnik feat. Ummagma – Overdrive
Spatial Relation – Dissociative Females
Spatial Relation – Love & Truth RMX
Spazzkid feat. Skymarines – Candy Flavored Lips
SPC ECO – All My Love
SPC ECO – Burn It Down
SPC ECO – Fall Apart for Love
SPC ECO – Fallen Stars (Alan Moulder Mix)
SPC ECO – Hold You Up
SPC ECO – Push (Get It All Mix)
SPC ECO – Ray Of Sun
SPC ECO – Rip It All Home
SPC ECO – The Whole Day Long
SPC ECO – Zombie
Spiritual Front – Jesus Died In Las Vegas
Spoek Mathambo – Control
Spotlight Kid – Don’t You Forget About Me
Square Phaze – I Really Want To!
Ssleeping desiresS – This Age
Starforce – Future Romance (feat. Epydemic)
Starforce – Riva Del Garda
Stella Tacita – Opium (Dead Can Dance cover)
Stella Tacita – Untitled 011
Stella Tacita – Untitled 012
Stephan Eicher – Disco Mania
Stereo – Somewhere In The Night
Stereo Taxic Device – Lostland
Stereoboy – Empty Noise
Still Corners – Beatcity
Still Corners – Midnight drive
Still Corners – Strange Pleasures
Still Corners – The Trip
Stillife – Atem der Vergangenheit
Stillife – Atem der Vergangenheit
Stillife – Destiny
Stillife feat. Endraum – Lose No More
Stillife feat. Endraum & Silentport – Stadt Kalt Krank
sToa – Hommage
sToa – In Memoriam
sToa – Infant Joy
sToa – sToa
Stripmall Architecture – Blue Mug
Stripmall Architecture – Heartheart-Rhinebeck
Stripmall Architecture – Pripyat
Stripmall Architecture – Rockin’ Back Inside My Heart
Stripmall Architecture – We Are Not Cool
Stumbleine – Capulet
Sucker For Lights – It’s Loud, It’s Dark
Summer Heart – I Wanna Go (MAU Remix)
Summer Heart – Stockholm
Sun Glitters – Closer To The Sun (TEEEL Remix)
Sun Glitters – Only You
Sunglasses After Dark – Morbid Silence
Sunken Seas – Leaves (Black CIty Lights Remix)
Sunlounger feat. Zara – Crawling
Superflight – Fantôme Noir
Superflight – Metronome
Supernova 1006 – Bsides
Supernova 1006 – Fluid
Supernova 1006 – Stripes
Sutrastore – Precious Moments
Sväva – Heather
Svetla V. – IV
Swandive – Losing My Religion (DJ Tonyy Extended Trip )
Swaves – Flowers
Swaves – Higher
Swaves – Turquoise
Swimming Lessons – Double
Symmetry – Thicker than blood
Synesect – Corridors
Syntec – It’s A Lie
Synths Versus Me – Demons
Synths Versus Me – El Carnero De 7 Ojos
Synths Versus Me – El Jardín Del Edén
Synths Versus Me – Grey Skies (Digital Bonus Track)
Synths Versus Me – Monotony
Synths Versus Me – Rayas Blancas
Synths Versus Me – The Tempest Of My Heart
Tamed Animals – Seeahloh
Tamed Animals – Shadows
Tamed Animals – Waves Of Light Proceed
Tangerine Dream – Bus Station
Tape Loader feat. Lucy Black – The Workout
Tara Busch – Lets Go to Bed (The Cure cover)
Tara Cross – Tempusfugit
Tashaki Miyaki – Never Tear US apart
Tashaki Miyaki – The Beautiful Ones
Taxi Girl – Chercher Le Garçon
Tea Leigh And Luke Reed – Color Theory
Team.Radio – French Doll
Tears Run Rings – A Question And An Answer
Tears Run Rings – Destroyer
Tears Run Rings – Inertia
Tears Run Rings – Waiting For The End
Tearwave – Under the milky way
Techniques Berlin – Metropolis
TEEEL – Crystal Lake (The New Division reix)
Teeel – Dark Passenger
TEEEL – Temple Of The Sun
Tel Basta – Western Wind
Telegraff – Missing Words
Tempers – Strange Harvest
Tempers – Strange Harvest
Terminal Choice – No Chance
Terminal Twilight – The Fire Of Love (Fire Mix)
Terminal Twilight – The Lovers
Terminal Twilight – Too Late For Tears
Tesla Cøils – Parasite
The Actor – UCX S
The Anxiety Of Love – Raped By Light
The Arms Of Someone New – Hollywood
The Beauty Of Gemina – Darkness
The Beauty Of Gemina – Prophecy
The Bel Am – Ophelia´s Dreams
The Blessed Isles – Winter Moon
The Bolshoi – Away (Special Mix)
The Bolshoi – Sunday Morning
The Capsules – Across the Sky
The Capsules – Moving On
The Chanceller – Dark Room Dark
The Chanceller – Dommenation
The Chanceller – Early Hours
The Chanceller – Forever Love
The Chanceller – Musik
The Chanceller – Nine
The Chanceller – Please (This Is Far You Can Take Me)
The Comforters – Under The Milky Way
The Cult – She Sells Sanctuary (Long Version)
The Cure – A Strange Day
The Cure – Burn
The Cure – Charlotte Sometimes
The Cure – Cold
The Cure – End
The Cure – Homesick
The Cure – Kyoto Song
The Cure – Like Cockatoos
The Cure – Lovesong
The Cure – Lovesong (DJ Tonyy Lovely Mix)
The Cure – M
The Cure – One Hundred Years
The Cure – Other Voices
The Cure – Play for today
The Cure – Shake Dog Shake
The Cure – Sinking
The Cure – The Lovecats
The Cure – Three
The Cure – Untitled
The Damned – The Shadow Of Love
The Danse Society – Danse Move
The Danse Society – Message
The Danse Society – White Rabbit
The Deathless – Between Bloody Sheets
The Devil & The Universe – The Pilgrims Regress
The Doors – People Are Strange
The Doors – Riders On The Storm
The Downward Path – Opium (Dead Can Dance cover)
The Downward Path – So Far Away
The Droyds – Girls On Pills
The Essence – A Reflected Dream
The Eternal Afflict – Paint It Black (’92 Version)
The Evening Primrose – Catcher
The Fauns – 1991
The Fauns – 4 am (Power Glove Remix)
The Fauns – Cool Stuff
The Fauns – Seven Hours
The Flir – Blind Dumb Deaf (Cocteau Twins cover)
The Flir – Golden
The Flir – Phere (Bitstream Dream Remix)
The Flir – You Fade Away
The Flirts – Passion (La Royale Version)
The Frozen Autumn – I´m Coming From Nowhere
The Frozen Autumn – This time
The Frozen Autumn – Wait For Nothing
The Glove – Mouth To Mouth
The Glove – MrAlphabet Says
The Golden Filter – Age Of Consent (New Order cover)
The Golden Filter – Favourite Things (Original Mix)
The Golden Filter – Kill Me (Fusty Delights Remix)
The Golden Filter – Mother (Cosmonaut 3am Dub Mix)
The Golden Filter – Mother (Gold Zebra Mix)
The Golden Filter – Quiet Town
The Golden Filter – Solid Gold
The Golden Filter – Solid Gold (Maffiss Remix)
The Golden Filter – Sound And Vision (David Bowie cover)
The Golden Filter – Thunderbird (Villa Dub Remix)
The Golden Filter – You Kill Me (Leo Zero Remix)
The Hacker feat. Miss Kittin – Masterplan
The Harrow – Axis
The Harrow – Mouth To Mouth
The Harrow – Requiem
The Harrow – The Fall
The Harrow – The River
The Harrow – To A Figure
The High Violets – 44 Down
The High Violets – Ballad
The High Violets – Chinese Letter
The High Violets – Gravity
The High Violets – Nocturnal
The High Violets – Wheel
The Hope Slide – Topple the Sky (Sinewave remix)
The Horrors – First Day Of Spring
The Horrors – In And Out Of Sight
The House of Love – Christine
The Icehorse – Smutsig Dag (Expect Delays Mix2)
The Inside – Istanbul
The Isolators – Interdit Ce Soir (Freak Electrique Remix)
The Last Hour – Deadline
The Last Hour – Everything Fades Away
The Last Hour – Oblivion
The Librarian – Slow (Skeleton Hands Hard Version)
The Merry Thoughts – Second Generation
The Mission – Anniversary (Prelude)
The Mission – Beyond The Pale
The Mission – Bridges Burning
The Mission – Butterfly On A Wheel (Magnum Opus Mix)
The Mission – Crystal Ocean
The Mission – Dancing Barefoot (Patti Smith Cover)
The Mission – Deliverance
The Mission – Garden Of Delight
The Mission – Hands Across The Ocean
The Mission – Into The Blue (La La Sheldon Mix)
The Mission – Like a Child Again (Extended)
The Mission – Like A Hurricane
The Mission – Love Me Two Times (The Doors Cover)
The Mission – Never Again (F1 Mix)
The Mission – Never Let Me Down Again (Depeche Mode Cover)
The Mission – Sacrilege
The Mission – Serpent’s Kiss
The Mission – Severina (Aqua-Marina Mix)
The Mission – Spider & The Fly (In The Ointment Mix)
The Mission – Stay With Me
The Mission – Suffer The Children (Interlude)
The Mission – Swan Song (Deconstruction Mix)
The Mission – Tower Of Strenght (East India Trans Cairo Mix Edit)
The Mission – Wasteland (12 Inch Mix)
The New Division feat. Keep Shelly in Athens – Night Escape
The Nine Tears – Black Heart
The Noise Tigers – Another Town (Another Version)
The Paper Road – Falling
The Paper Road – SoTtired
The Phone – When the Warnings Sound
The Pixies – Hey
The Present Moment – The Distance Between Us
The Rorschach Garden – A Lost Love
The Rorschach Garden – Clones (Alice Cooper cover)
The Rorschach Garden – Desire
The Rorschach Garden – In Any Case
The Rorschach Garden – Isolation
The Rorschach Garden – Joyful Life
The Rorschach Garden – Metropolis
The Rorschach Garden – Move Myself
The Rorschach Garden – Play Games
The Rorschach Garden – State Protection
The Royal Family And The Poor – Dogstar
The Secret Meeting – Am I Here
The Secret Meeting – Beautiful Noise Machine
The Secret Meeting – Every Little Thing
The Shattered Grey – Missing Pieces (Dirty Angels Remix)
The Silent Party – What Happend To Us
The Sisterhood – Finland Red, Egypt White
The Sisterhood – Giving Ground
The Sisterhood – Jihad
The Sisters Of Mercy – Body And Soul
The Sisters Of Mercy – Burn
The Sisters Of Mercy – Lights
The Sisters Of Mercy – On The Wire
The Sisters Of Mercy – Poison Door
The Smiths – Ask
The Smiths – Back To The Old House
The Smiths – Barbarism Begins At Home
The Smiths – Bigmouth Strikes Again
The Smiths – Girl Afraid
The Smiths – Hand In Glove
The Smiths – Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now
The Smiths – How Soon Is Now
The Smiths – Oscillate Wildly
The Smiths – Panic
The Smiths – Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want
The Smiths – Reel Around The Fountain
The Smiths – The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
The Smiths – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
The Smiths – This Charming Man
The Smiths – This Charming Man (DJ Tonyy Extended)
The Smiths – What Difference Does It Make
The Smiths – Work Is A Four-Letter Word
The Soft Moon – Insides
The Sundays – Here’s Where The Story Ends
The Sweeps – The Last Dream (RP Edit)
The The – This Is The Day Extended
The The – Uncertain Smile
The Three Cold Men – Synchronise
The Three Johns – Lucy in the Rain
The Waterboys – The Pan Within
The Wolfgang Press – Cut the Tree
The XX – Shelter (Tiga Remix)
Thieves Like Us – Never Know Love
This Ascension – Ave Maris Stella
This Ascension – Just Assassin
This Cold Night – Wings Of Regret
This Is The Bridge – Closing In
This Is The Bridge – No Effect
This Is The Bridge – We Are Human
This Mortal Coil – Sixteen Days
THYX – The Street
Tiger Lips – Mascara
Tiiisa – Kassiopeya
Tingle In The Netherlands – Astronaut Love Triangle
Tingle In The Netherlands – Prostitute’s Handbag
Tiny Fireflies – Picture Perfect
Tip Top Tellix – Fast (Karaman Chillwave Edit)
Tip Top Tellix – So Beautiful Eyes
Tip Top Tellix – So Beautiful Eyes (My Kingdom Remix)
Tip Top Tellix – Solace
Tobias Bernstrup – Images Of Love ( Version)
Tones On Tail – Happiness
Tones On Tail – Instrumental
Tones On Tail – Movement Of Fear
Tones On Tail – Performance
Tones On Tail – Rain
Tony Cops – Bio Pace
Tony Cops – Cachê
Tony Cops – She Likes It Symmetrical
Transfigure – Lonely Days (On And On)
Transfigure – Lonely Days (On And On)
Transude – A New Day
Transude – Cold
Transude – Requiem
Trans-X – Living On Video (Robotic Dub mix)
Trek with Quintronic – As We Sing
Trek with Quintronic – When I Was Young
Trek with Quintronic – Zolian Space
Trespassers William – Flicker
Trespassers William – Left of Center
Trevor Something – Fade Away
Trevor Something – So Far Away
Trevor Something – Summer Love
Trevor Something – Your Sex Is A Dream
Trisomie 21 – Breaking Down
Trisomie 21 – Breaking Down
Trisomie 21 – Il Se Noie
Trisomie 21 – The Last Song (Official Bootleg Live Versi
Trisomie 21 – Waiting For
Tropic Of Cancer – A Color
Trust – Shoom
TSOL – Flowers By The Door
Twilight Ritual – Closed Circuit
Twilight Ritual – I Never Called You A Dream
Twilight Ritual – L’uomo Moderno
Twin Pricks – Halcyon Days
Two Witches – The Hungry Eyes
Tycho – Ascension (Rob Garza Remix)
U.S. Girls – Island Song
Uj Latasmod Fuzio – Legyozzuk az idot!
Ultravox – Vienna
Ummagma – Kiev
Ummagma – Orion
Ummagma – River Town
Ummagma – Rotation (Original Mix)
Umrijeti Za Strojem – Mini-suknja I Psihoanaliza
UN – Ameoba
UN – Take a Little Light
UN – Veins Veins Pumping Love
Une Aime Solitaire – All Night
Une Aime Solitaire – Just Another Girl
Unovidual & Tara Cross – Like I Am – Comme Je Suis
Unur – Corpse Ground Interface
Unur – Red Crescent Moons
Unwoman – In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated
Urbe – Un Astro Mas
Urge Overkill – Girl, Youll Be a Woman Soon
usLights – On Futured Fires
usLights – Teen Angst (M83 Cover)
Valerie Dour – Dispel
Vaylon – Lost (Extended Mix)
Vcs – Robots Watching You From Me
Veinhart – Thermal Fission
Velvet Condom – Collapse In Slow Motion
Velvet Condom – Kalter Lippenstift
Velvet Condom – Rouge City
Venera 4 – 3 Studies For A Portrait
Venera 4 – Eidôlon
Venera 4 – Metal Shells
Verena May – Limbo
Versus Youthclub – Footnote (Koda Remix)
Vespertina – You Are The Fire
VHS Glitch – Cala Rossa
VHS Glitch – Sweat And Pain
Vice Device / Void Vision – Not Much Of Anything (remix)
Vierance – Beaches
Vierance – Beaches
Vile Electrodes – Proximity ( Extended Version )
Vincenzo Salvia – Milfs
Violence – Dernier Cri
Violence – Halo
Violence – Spirale Abîmée
Violent Vickie & Cosmovitali – The Violent Lady
Violet Indiana – Beyond The Furr
Violet Sky – Lifeguard at Work
Violet Tremors – Funerals
Visage – Shameless Fashion (Radio Edit)
Vision – Antiphon O Euchari in leta via
Vision Fantom – Ecrans Couleur
Vision Fantom – Eternity 2000
Vision Fantom – Mercenaires
Visonia – Impossible Romance
Visonia – Lunar Garden
Visonia – Margaret
Visonia et Dopplereffekt – Die Reisen
Vita Noctis – Hade
Vita Noctis – Serial Killer
Vive La Fete – La Vision
Vivl – Bees And Drones
Vivl – Selene
vjspetto – True Runner
Void Vision – Everything is Fine
Void Vision – Hidden Hand
Void Vision – To the Sea (demo)
Volcan – The Day They Tried To Kill Me
Volcan feat. Lisbonne & Perez – Les Cendres d’Europe
Vólkova – Pulsion
Vólkova – The Call (Minuit Machine Remix)
Volt Age – Push Up Brass
Vox Costellation – Surreal Over Me
Vsitor – Elements
Vulgar Fashion – Golden Showers
Vulgar Fashion – Krystal Tearz
Vulgar Fashion – Nite Yacht
Want-ed & Vlada Haruhi – Resurrex
Warpaint -The Chauffeur (Duran Duran cover)
Waveshaper – Dangerous Love
We Are Temporary – Appalachian Trail
We Are Temporary – Innocence
We Are Temporary – Let’s Fall Silent
We Are Temporary – You Can Now Let Go
We Are Temporary feat. Misfit Mod – Machine Love
Welcome Back Sailors – Barcelona
White Coal Addiction – A Project
White Coal Addiction – Cologne
White Girl – Last Men Standing
White Night Ghosts – Follow the Ghost
White Night Ghosts – Follow The Ghost
White Sea – Cannibal Love
White Sea – Ladykiller
Winter – Daydreaming
Winter – Don’t Stay Away
Winter – Expectations – Exigências
Winter Severity Index – A Sudden Cold (H ø R D Remix)
Wishbeard – Strawberry ‘
Wladyslaw – Fausto
WLDV (We Love Dolce Vita) – Bluethunder
WLDV (We Love Dolce Vita) – Eliminators
Wojciech Kilar – Love Remembered
Wolf Cub – Calling The Echo
Wolf Cub – Drowned in The Lights
Wolf Cub – Telescope
Wolfpup – Always
Wolfsheim – A Look Into Your Heart
Wolfsheim – Annie (Early Version)
Wolfsheim – Care For You
Wolfsheim – Lovesong (Club Mix)
Wonder Dark – Civil War
Wonder Dark – Eclipse
Wonder Dark – Wine
X priest X – Enemy Mind
X priest X – Isn’t It So
X priest X – Samurai
Xeno And Oaklander – Rendez-Vous d’Or
Xiu – Dancing with you
Xmal Deutschland – Hand In Hand
Xmal Deutschland – Incubus Succubus I
Xmal Deutschland – Kalbermarsch
Xmal Deutschland – Matador
Xmal Deutschland – Mondlicht
Xmal Deutschland – Orient
Xmal Deutschland – Qual ( Remix)
X-Sonic – Machine Language (K Extended Ram Remix)
Xu Xu Fang – Fascination Street (The Cure cover)
Yasnyj Svetly – Daj tebya
Yasnyj Svetly – Struny
Yasnyj Svetly – Vse proishodit
Y-Note – Sky
Y-Note feat. Kiersten Wones – Scab
Young Galaxy – Crying My Heart Out (Edit)
Young Galaxy – New Summer
Young Galaxy – What We Want
YusYus – Proleter
Zanias – At The Core Of The Void
Ze Dark Park – Strange Planes (Cold Mix)
Zero-Eq – Discodark (Extended Mix)
Zero-eq – Enemy
Zhong Chi – Truth
Zoom – Lasciami Entrare
Zoom – L’ombra di un Uomo
Zoon Politicon – Mercy
Zoon Politicon – Mercy (DJ Tonyy Extended Edit 2015)
Zords – Hollywood
Zwischenwelt – Clairvoyant
Zwischenwelt – Remote Viewer
ΣXIS†EMY – Black Day
ΣXIS†EMY – Breath Of Death
Пожар – Кончается Свет (Fire – End Of Light)
Пожар – Холодно (Fire – Cold)
Ясный Svetly – Ветер прошедшего дня
Ясный Svetly – Все происходит
Ясный Svetly – За стеклом